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SCDMDG presents:

ADME/Tox: How Low Can You Go?
and How Do You Recover?

Dr. Christopher A. Lipinski, Ph.D.
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow - Pfizer Global R & D

Are ever-worsening ADME/Tox problems sinking you?

Dr. Lipinski will examine the causes and cures of these issues, helping you understand:

  • Garbage In-Garbage Out Chemistry—How poor choices & screening can doom a project from the start
  • How to filter out difficult problems in Medicinal Chemistry SAR
  • Lead-like vs. Drug-like library issues
  • Why a Genomics person can be a Chemist’s Best Friend—Solving classic chemistry disconnects together
  • How HTS screening & compound management can reduce your ADME/Tox woes & increase productivity
  • Why ADME recovery is underway in large Pharma, but Tox is the “slowest ship in the convoy”

Dr. Lipinski retired from the position of Senior Research Fellow in the Exploratory Medicinal Sciences Dept. at the Pfizer Global Research & Development Groton Laboratories in June 2002 after a distinguished 32-year career. His lab provided experimental solubility measurements on medicinal compounds, and championed a computationally pragmatic, chemistry end user-oriented approach to oral bioactivity improvement. He is a member of numerous scientific organizations, advisory boards, editorial boards for scientific journals, and is an adjunct faculty member at Connecticut College in New London, CT. Dr. Lipinski is the recipient of the American Chemical Society 2004 Medicinal Chemistry Award.

Date Wednesday, April 21, 2004 – 6:00 p.m.

SCDMDG gratefully acknowledges sponsorship by:

Xenobiotic Laboratories


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